5 Tips for Natural Lip Enhancement

Eyes might be the windows to the soul, but lips are important, too! While pretty to look at, a lot of their attraction comes from our primal sides. Full, plump lips show a potential mate that you are in good health, well-hydrated, and can even indicate if you’re fertile. 

 Because of these not-so-romantic facts, it’s important to keep your lips looking fantastic. Besides, having kissable, soft, and plump lips is one of the best ways to draw the eyes to your face. However, not everyone wants to go under the knife or face painful injections just to have more attractive lips. 

 That’s why we’ve put together 5 of our top tips for natural lip enhancement. 

Oils, Butters, & Balms

 Unrefined, virgin, raw – you get the idea – are better than their refined counterparts. Cocoa butter, coconut oil, spicy oils like peppermint and cinnamon, balm, and the like are all great, natural ways to give your lips a fuller, more plump look.

 Many of these will also leave them softer and much more inviting. 

 Finding a blend that works best on your lips is both fun and important. Not only can you essentially make your own lip balm, but you can also alter it to improve the look and feel of your lips as you treat and repair other issues. 

 A fun bonus is that it also gives you something of a slight, custom perfume. 

Lip Exfoliation 

 Exfoliation is a great, fast, natural way to give your lips a little bit of plumping. This works because exfoliation causes an increase in blood flow, which naturally plumps your lips. While this may not be a ‘forever solution’ to your flat or dull lips, it can certainly boost what you’re already working with. 

 This also helps to keep skin flakes at bay and will help even the most chapped lips look and feel better. 

Put ’em on Ice 

 Not only can icing your lips for 2 minutes every day help to exfoliate and hydrate your lips, leaving them smooth and plump, doing this for two weeks can help to keep those results. 

 You’ll see fuller, smoother, more kissable lips quickly enough, and it’s an easy, cheap way to do it. 

Simple & Sweet

 If you want something natural, tasty, and effective, go to your local beehive. Well, maybe going to your local grocery store is just a smidge safer. Mix together some honey and beeswax until it’s a smooth paste, then apply it to your lips and leave it on overnight. 

 This is a very effective treatment because honey is not just a great anti-bacterial and base for many home remedies but a natural conditioner as well. This means that you will wake up with thicker, fuller, softer lips. 

 Plus, it leaves you smelling just a little extra sweet. 

Collagen Peptides

 While not vegetarian- or vegan-friendly, these little peptides will give your lips a good pout while reducing any fine lines around your mouth. Drinking a serving of these in your morning coffee, tea, or bone broth, in addition to applying the peptides directly to your lips, won’t yield immediate results, but they will improve your lips over time. 

 The trick is to take them daily, making them a regular part of your morning routine. 

┬áJust like with any part of your body, it’s important to keep your lips in good health. Not only does it help with your looks, but it can help to prevent infections and outbreaks on and around your lips. And don’t forget, drinking at least eight glasses – though preferably 1 gallon – of water per day will help with blood flow and increase the size, fullness, and texture of your lips.